About Us


Crisp fall days and cool summer nights out in the woods with friends. The tension as someone is about to top their project only to drop the last move in a spectacular fashion, much to the entertainment of the group. The palpable electricity in the air when you reach a new high point, and then keep going, and everyone goes quiet on the ground. 

These are the moments we love most about rock climbing at Puntr. Only a very small fraction of the time one dedicates to climbing is spent sending, so enjoy the process. We love every minute we spend pad-muling or punting our projects and we hope you will join us…



Culture. Community. History.

These are facets of climbing that we want to help preserve. 

What sets Puntr apart is our dedication to the climbing community and emphasis on visual appeal. We were sick of low quality non-specific climbing merch peddled by non climbers on Amazon. Our clothing highlights specific boulders and experiences at local crags that we as a community take pride in collectively. Think: why wear a threadbare t-shirt that says “I like guitar music” when you could wear an official Led Zeppelin shirt. 


Why Choose Puntr:

Quality & Durability: Our clothing is built to withstand the rigors of the sport. You can trust that our gear will perform as well as you do on the rock. Simplicity is key and we will always go with what has remained tried and true. 

Unique Graphics: Every item in our store features graphics inspired by local climbing spots, designed in house by climbers. Our priority is creating colorful graphics that we would love to see on the racks at our local gyms. We aim to make your clothing an extension of your climbing journey. 

Comfort & Functionality: Climbing is all about freedom of movement, and our clothing is designed with this in mind. You won't be restricted by uncomfortable fabric or awkward fits.

Community hub: More than a store, Puntr is a place to cultivate community. We will periodically feature the stories of members of the local climbing community that are sure to be relatable and inspiring. Feel free to reach out and share yours! (contact via [email protected] or through the Contact tab on our website)


Join the Puntr Community…

There’s a lot more to climbing than sends. Join us on our journey to find and appreciate everything rock climbing has to show us. We invite you to elevate your wardrobe and be a part of our vibrant climbing community. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your climbing journey, Puntr has something special for you. Welcome to the world of Puntr, where the journey never ends and the climbers never send… (okay maybe sometimes)


Meet the PUNTRs!


Ryan Garaffa AKA The Chossman

This brand is something I have thought about making for a long time. Even from my first days climbing in high school, I wanted to find a way to represent my love for climbing in a way that I felt did it justice. No more Amazon or Etsy searches for "gifts for climbers". Aren't we all getting quite sick of the mugs with climbing holds? I wanted something more personalized, something more REAL and relevant to who I am as a climber.

I've been going to the Gunks far too frequently for half a decade now, and my love for it only continues to grow! After deciding to act on the dream that is  Puntr, I knew that our first product simply had to be for the Gunks locals. I aimed to create something that would be cherished by those familiar with the area, and one particular and special boulder problem stood out: Even Lovely.

This gem of a boulder is, to me, a symbol of dedication to the sport of climbing and bouldering at the Gunks. Even Lovely is literally "at the end of the road" and holds special signifigance to many. It requires climbing a perfectly steep face of comfortable holds with very powerful moves which begs for a tough fight! Even Lovely is only seen by those dedicated enough to journey all the way down the road, and only climbed by those willing to put in the work to make it happen. It truly is a lovely adventure!


Evan - Designer 

Hello! I’m Evan and I am relatively new to climbing, starting in spring of 2021. I found climbing to be a natural extension to my lifelong passion for hiking, exploring, and stewardship: growing up I spent lots of time each summer with family out west at Rainier National park! Lots of my creative inspiration comes from the natural world, especially from colorful invertebrates and flowers.

I have a number of years designing clothing for my own creative projects as well as others’. I had designed shirts for the Rock Climbing Club while getting my undergrad degree, so after graduation I was longing for more opportunities for a rock-climbing-centric creative outlet. 

Emphasis on “local flavor” and subtle references that would be relatable to local climbers drove my design ethos. I loved to see the community we had created come together for our club events and watch as my fellow climbers donned the shirts I designed, eager to represent their community. 

Puntr is the continuation of that flame. 

Everything that I design for Puntr is something that I love, and I hope you will too…