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Even Lovely

My experience with Even Lovely was a rough one. My first time trying this boulder problem, I went out with my group of friends only to end the session with everyone else sending except for me (and weak Brett). After many trips back, trying to keep gas in the tank to have good attempts each trip, small things would hold me back; things like wet conditions, swollen fingers not fitting into holds, and even my notoriously tiny biceps. After a few sessions across a season, everything came together on one cool spring day with some support from a close friend! Just one of many lovely days at the Gunks! - Ryan Garaffa AKA the Chossman

"Even Lovely" I'm a sucker for a stand alone boulder with ONE singular line across it. That idea always seemed so pure. Nothing contrived about the line whatsoever. No special rules about what's on or off, just pull yourself off the ground and hang on tight. This movement of the climb is truly one of a kind. Being at the END of the carriage road, it's almost a right of passage, you gotta want it, you gotta earn it. Personally the most bliss i've ever felt topping out a boulder. Something you have to experience for yourself!!! Shoutout gianaclimbs for taking the trek with me. Being in my style, it went down quickly. - local crusher Dane Ferolin

Unlike most of the Carriage Road boulders, Even Lovely sticks out in the middle of the forest. The stand alone rock rising from the ground features aesthetic diagonal seams that inspired me. I worked out most of the moves and made big links on my first session. The beginning moves require a technical toe hook that leads into a burly fight for the top. When I came back to the boulder, I put all the moves together for the send. A first of the grade for me! Nothing better than climbing a great boulder with lovely company. -Murray (Flying Squirrel) Elinson


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